Our Seedy Lives

ACORN&SEEDWe are beings in seed form.

Well, some of us are seeds. The rest of us are nuts.

Either way, none of us are anything like the glorious beings we are destined to become. Sure, our seedy and nutty selves do have a glory of their own. We all bear the stamp of our Creator’s image. But it’s our tree-selves that will have a form and splendor beyond our capacity to comprehend.

Within the seeds of our earthly bodies we carry the DNA of our heavenly glory. Though our mortal bodies are destined to be buried in the ground, they already carry the divine code of our eternal being, so we will be raised as immortal beings in spiritual bodies.

This is the promise of Jesus—the first to be resurrected from the dead—for everyone who believes.

So, we must look beyond what we can see in the mirror if we are to recognize that there is nothing ordinary about our seedy selves. And the great news for today is that there is something extraordinary about our everyday seedy and nutty lives.

That’s because there is something mysteriously and powerfully dynamic about the divine DNA within us. As we cooperate with the work the Spirit of God is accomplishing in us, we are changed, transformed, and moved from one level of seedy glory to the next.  The wonderful thing is, the changes going on now, inside our seed-selves, are having an impact on the future glory of our tree-selves.

Yes, this whole process is mysterious. But what’s clear is that there are no unimportant days or throwaway moments in our lives. In times pleasant and painful, joyful and sorrowful—whatever we are encountering or experiencing as our lives unfold—something unimaginably spectacular is going on all the time. And God invites our participation in the wonderful things He’s doing. If you’re like me, you’ll need to be reminded of that.

Because one day this nut will be a tree.

10 thoughts on “Our Seedy Lives

  1. “… there are no unimportant days or throwaway moments in our lives.”
    I admit I was tossing away the early morning moments of today. I had my reasons. Thank you for reminding me that “what we are encountering or experiencing as our lives unfold–something unimaginably spectacular is going on all the time.”
    That is going to be my lens for today: the “spectacular” that God is accomplishing.

    • I know what you mean. Take it from someone who has scattered too many moments to the wind, I need to wear this prescription lens, too. Now that I am seeing clearly I would just like to convey what a delightful opportunity it has been to share a few thoughts with you 🙂

  2. Like Beth, I love the reminder that there are no throwaway days or moments in our lives. At times, I feel like the day I just lived was a waste. I so appreciate your eternal perspective on who we are now and who we are becoming. I love the thought that “Within the seeds of our earthly bodies we carry the DNA of our heavenly glory.” I’d never looked at it this way before.

    You have such a fresh perspective on things.

    • Now that you mention it, Jeanne, I think I’ve labeled days “wasted” before they even began! Thank you for your comments on my perspective. “Fresh” is a very kind way to put it 🙂 As for the eternal perspective, writing about it and dialoging about it helps to reinforce the truth in my own heart, so THANK YOU for your participation in the conversation!

  3. Seems like you really hit the mark with “what’s clear is that there are no unimportant days or throwaway moments in our lives.” Thank you for saying it in such a way that I “heard” it today. I know I’ve been told this many times before, but today I’m grasping onto it’s truth and choosing to believe it! 🙂

  4. Nut or seed. . . Guess I’m a nut because I see things uniquely (nutty). . . which is why I love this blog! I want to sow seeds to bring other nuts into the kingdom, and focusing on every moment being fruitful and bringing forth God’s glory is a unique perspective that will help me acomplish my/God’s goal for my life.

  5. I’m screaming “Ditto” to what everyone else said about “no unimportant days or throwaway moments in our lives.” This is a quote that very well may go down in history. It’s going down in my history for sure. I love it and the illustration.

    I’m aiming for my tree-self while fighting off being a nut, as well as dealing with some nuts in my family. 🙂 Kind of joking, kind of not. Thanks for a good laugh about all that. It helps.

  6. I gather from your descriptions that we may have a few things in common 🙂 I sincerely thank you for your positive feedback. I am honored that something I’ve written has become part of your personal history. I only hope that I remember my memorable quote 🙂

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