Sow What?


I can’t recall when I actually noticed the canvas bag that I had slung over my shoulder.

I don’t remember when I first looked inside the bag to discover its contents–seeds.

And I am not sure when I began to understand the importance of scattering those seeds.

But I am starting to see that to live is to sow.

Sow what?

Call it faithfulness.  Faithfulness is simply seeing in the unfolding moments of life new opportunities to walk in trusting cooperation with the Lifegiver.

Faithfulness is the responsive recognition that the everyday, ordinary moments are the soil of extraordinary growth possibilities.

As for what’s in our bags, the seeds themselves look unremarkable. They don’t do a thing as long as they remain in the bag. Even when we scatter some of those seeds on the ground they seem to just lay there. It can be discouraging.

That’s when enemy comes to us and offers us some magic beans with a promise of immediate results. Don’t fall for that pitch. (Take it from someone who has.)

Even though it might appear that nothing is going on, when we sow in rhythm with the Lifegiver, amazing things happen—in due time.

Here are some things to keep in mind while we are sowing:

  • Our seed supply is inexhaustible. No matter how much seed we scatter, there’s more in the bag.
  • Sowing opportunities are abundant. The soil is everywhere.
  • Growth is often unseen because a lot is happening underground.
  • Our sowing and our reaping can be long seasons apart.
  • We have assurance of a good crop because our success depends upon the One who causes the growth.

If we could get one glimpse of the harvest, I am sure we would be astounded, because the final yield will be far greater than we can possibly imagine.

I’ll be honest. As I look over the words of this post, they look unremarkable to me. These words look to me like a handful of very ordinary seeds. I cannot see what could possibly become of them. But I hear the Lifegiver say, “Throw them down.”

What’s the next handful of seeds that He’s telling you to sow?

3 thoughts on “Sow What?

  1. Beautiful post, Dave. Just this morning, I was wondering when your next post would make into my mailbox. 🙂 So glad to have read this one. I loved your definition for faithfulness: “seeing in the unfolding moments of life new opportunities to walk in trusting cooperation with the Lifegiver.”

    I admit, I don’t always walk in faithfulness, but I’m developing that habit in my life…slowly. 🙂 I love your word picture of an inexhaustible supply of seeds to sow, opportunities to live out in faithfulness.

    Thanks for being faithful to throw these words into this post!

    • wow, Jeanne, thank you for your comments, and thank you for sharing the things in this post that spoke to you.
      My experience parallels yours. Faithfulness is a slowly developing habit my life.
      By the way, I hear that your faithfulness to walk out your calling as a writer has sprouted into a Frasier award. Congratulations!

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