Facing Godzilla


When I was I kid, I watched the original black-and-white Godzilla movie with English subtitles. I didn’t like scary movies, but I reasoned that I could look upon this frightening monster from a safe distance of several thousand miles. After all, I was on the other side of the globe from Tokyo, Japan, where all those people were screaming and running for their lives.

What I didn’t realize then, but understand now, is that this gigantic lizard isn’t a fictional creature. This monster is real.

Here’s the back story. When paradise was lost, Godzilla was unleashed.

Huge and horrifying, untamed and unpredictable, Godzilla roams the earth wreaking havoc and causing devastation. In a beastly rage, he indiscriminately wrecks lives, and leaves a path of destruction in his wake.

He’s out there. We’ve seen him. Sometimes the scaly creature takes just a couple of swipes at us and lumbers away. Other times he reduces to rubble life as we knew it, and smashes the future that we had envisioned.

And if you’re like me, you’ve not only witnessed Godzilla outside, but you’ve encountered the Godzilla within. There are times when I am the one who is raging through my own life, knocking things over and terrorizing everyone in my path.

Whether we’re facing the Godzilla out there or the Godzilla inside, we can feel helpless to stop him, or even restrain him.

So, how do we face him?

Here’s the good news. The Overcomer has already faced him–and has taken him down. By giving Himself over to death for us, He struck a death blow to the great beast. Now, Godzilla staggers in a rage, in the knowledge of his mortal wound.

As we trust in the Overcomer, Godzilla ends up fighting against himself. While intending our ruin, he unwittingly works for our redemption. Though he is intent on destroying us, he is destined to see his own works destroyed.

In the victory of the Dragon-slayer, we can now face the fury of this scaly monster as conquerors. To help us stand our ground, the Overcomer has given us His promise. “In this world you will encounter Godzilla, but take heart. I have overcome Godzilla.”

 In your life, when have you seen Godzilla fight against himself?


2 thoughts on “Facing Godzilla

  1. I have not seen the monster Godzilla destroy himself. I have only seen myself, engaged in this act of self-destruction.

    As Bono sang,

    :We become the monster…so the monster will not break us.

    It is the fear of being broken that may doom us…and has perhaps doomed Godzilla (but who can say that a kaiju may not find salvation of a sort?).

    Had Jesus feared His breaking upon the Cross unto the abandonment of His mission brief, we all would have been lost.

    He was broken. Yet He lives, albeit with scars. We need not fear our breaking. We need only control our fear, and accept the scars. Not as points of pride, for pride is the companion of fear.

    They’re just scars.

    • Thank you for your comments.
      Yes. The mission accomplished by Jesus–through His body broken for us–saved us from destruction while destroying the works of the evil one.
      We are “crushed, but not destroyed”, but he rages on to his inevitable destruction.
      In killing Jesus, the enemy (ultimately) destroyed himself. And even now as he rages against God and against us, he accomplishes more than he intends, unwillingly participating in the process of our redemption.
      Yes. The broken who trust in Him have scars. By His wounds we are healed, and through our scars we minister healing to others.
      Thank you again for your thoughtful comments.

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