When Grace Falls


Recently, I heard Louis Giglio use the phrase “dominoes of grace” to describe the far-reaching, redemptive impact of God’s divine activity in our lives.

That got me thinking. Our lives are so much bigger than we are.

Whenever God’s grace falls, we become living links in an amazing chain of divine actions. We become participants in the supernatural working of God as He moves through our lives and reaches into the lives of others.

No matter where we are, we’re always up or down the chain of a beautifully orchestrated and wonderfully interconnected movement of God’s Spirit. The dominoes of grace tip and touch each other as they fan out in the world and tumble in uninterrupted sequence through generations.

I am sure if we were to have a God’s-eye view of the movement of His gracious activity, we would be struck with wonder, stunned with amazement, and filled with delight over the complex designs and intricate patterns. And we would celebrate the unspeakable privilege of our participation in all the Spirit is doing.

The enemy doesn’t want us to get a glimpse of the big redemptive picture. He wants us to feel small, isolated, disconnected. He wants our stories to seem unimportant and our day-to-day lives to feel insignificant.

But Jesus shows us how to live extraordinary “ordinary” lives by understanding that every unfolding moment is crammed with divine purpose and every action is spring-loaded for eternal impact.

Jesus—God’s grace in Person—was the First Domino to fall in the divine chain of grace. Because of Christ, God’s grace is always falling, and His Spirit is ever calling us to active participation in God’s grace chain.

Even when we are sleeping, God is busy setting up His dominoes of grace. And right now, He’s looking over at us with a twinkle in His eye, inviting us to assist Him in tipping one over.

How can we resist?