My Inner Seabiscuit

SEABISCUITMarcela Howard:: What exactly did you like in that horse?

Tom Smith: He’s got spirit. Hell, he’s so beat up it’s hard to tell what he’s like. I think they got him so screwed up running in a circle that he’s forgotten what he was born to do.

[From the movie Seabiscuit – 2003]

So far, my life has played out just like the storyline of Seabiscuit, right up to the part before he wins any races. It feels like I’ve come to that place in the script where I’m just about to run really fast in a straight line for the first time. It feels like I’m right on the verge of remembering what I was born to do.

Do you know what I’m talking about?SEABISCUIT_BITS

I’m a horse that’s been beat up and screwed up from running in circles all my life. Having shown early potential, but never delivering on expectations, I wound up in claims races, losing a couple of times a week to younger horses. I’m telling you, all the elements are in place for the making of a great redemption story.

And that’s not all.

SEABISCUIT_J-BONEThere is Someone who sees something in this horse.. When no one else was interested in making an offer, He claimed this beat up horse for a very high price. And He renewed my spirit with the breath of His Spirit.

He knows this horse can run.

I believe it, too.

Admittedly, I’ve been a stubborn horse, resistant to training. Out of hurt, fear and anger, I’ve reared, kicked and snorted. I’ve fought the bit, gnawed on the walls of my stall, and made a lot of racket. I’ve spent a lot of energy resisting the call to run like a thoroughbred.

But my Trainer has been patient, and now I’m starting to remember what I was born to do, what I’ve been re-born to do. I am rediscovering my desire to run.

Nobody’s ever really seen me run before. No one has ever seen me at full gallop, racing with my whole heart. But my inner Seabiscuit is telling me, “it’s time.”

Because of the Fall, we’ve all been beat up. We can get so screwed up that we lose all memory of what we were made to do. We can get so busted up that it can be hard for us to imagine what we’re really like underneath all the brokenness.

But God sees.

We might be breathing with a wheeze and walking with a limp, but God is looking us right in the eye. And He likes what he sees, because He already knows what we are only in the process of remembering.

We were born to run.

{Special thanks to Elisabeth and Jonathan for permission to use their Seabiscuit drawings!}


4 thoughts on “My Inner Seabiscuit

  1. Hi Dave,
    Your contributions via Drawing Through Experience are shining examples that you indeed are running! Press on pilgrim!
    Mr. Bob
    P.S. Nice artwork Elisabeth and Jonathan, acorns that have fallen close to the tree.

    • Mr. Bob, you have a great gift of encouragement and I am so privileged to receive your good words. And you always remind me to look for somebody to encourage. We all can run faster and with more endurance with the kind of encouragement that you give. Thank you.
      I passed along your compliments to the acorns. They have been encouraged, too!

  2. Beautiful post, Dave. Thank goodness, God never gives up on us. I loved this: “We might be breathing with a wheeze and walking with a limp, but God is looking us right in the eye. And He likes what he sees, because He already knows what we are only in the process of remembering.” More times than I care to admit, I’ve run in circles, mostly with the hope that maybe, with one more circle, I’ll finally “fit in,” be accepted or measure up.

    Thank goodness, with God, I am enough as I am. He loves me as I am, and sees who He’s creating me to be. That is enough. Thanks for these thoughts today.

    I love your children’s drawings! 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words and your thought-provoking response. Your observation that we run in circles for acceptance is spot on. Our running should be fueled by pleasure, not pressure. You also reminded me to meditate longer and more deeply on the central message. God loves me in Christ and sees me in Christ.

      I loved tho kids’ drawings, too. I will let them know that you appreciate their good work 🙂

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