The Rooster’s Reminder

ROOSTERI drew this rooster some time ago. When I stumbled upon it today, I was reminded of what roosters remind me of.

We generally associate the crowing of a rooster with two things:

1) the dawn of a new day

2) Peter’s denial of Jesus

We remember that on the night Jesus was betrayed, He told his disciples that they all would scatter from him when trouble came. Peter protested, vowing his allegiance to Jesus even unto death. That’s when Jesus linked the crow of a rooster with Peter’s multiple denials. “Before the rooster crows today, you will deny me three times.”

Although Peter did flash a sword in the presence of the temple soldiers, he melted in fear in front of a servant girl. Three times he was questioned, and three times he vehemently denied knowing Jesus.

Then the rooster crowed.

Here is an amazing thing: As Peter was denying Jesus, Jesus was identifying with Peter. As Peter was trying to distance himself from Jesus by calling down curses upon himself, Jesus was drawing near to Peter by bearing his curse on a Roman cross.

Here’s another amazing thing. Jesus not only forgives Peter but reinstates him and commissions him for service.  Even though Peter was one of the sheep who scattered when they struck the Shepherd, Jesus now calls Peter to shepherd His sheep.

Jesus identifies with us, so that we might receive a completely new identity in Him.

What’s really amazing is grace. Because of the cross, the rooster’s crow is not only a reminder of sin, but a reminder of forgiveness. It’s not just a sign of relationship broken but of relationship restored.

When that rooster crowed on Good Friday morning, he was not only signaling Peter’s denial, but he was also announcing the dawn of a new day.

2 thoughts on “The Rooster’s Reminder

  1. It’s refreshing to look at the events of Easter off-season, so to speak. And to take a more eternal look at a rooster too.

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