The Fraidy Hole

FRAIDY HOLEFriends of mine recently inherited a family home in Oklahoma. When describing the features of the house, they said it had a “fraidy hole.”

A what?

I had to be educated. That’s a storm shelter.

For homes located in Tornado Alley, an underground storm shelter makes a lot of sense to me. When dangerous storm winds threaten, a “fraidy hole” offers a ready refuge of protection.

Our hearts are like homes in Tornado Alley. We all have been hit hard by storm winds in this life. Each of us has endured trauma and suffered serious injuries. And we’ve all learned how to take cover when skies are threatening.

All of us have fraidy holes in our hearts, hiding places where we seek protection from life’s damaging winds.

Our storm shelters come in a wide variety of designs. We can hide in fraidy holes of  anger, laughter, withdrawal, social busyness, detachment, dependency, failure, achievement. It’s endless, really.

I’ve had several fraidy holes that were connected by a network of tunnels.

We each built our own storm shelters out of urgent necessity some time ago when we were wounded badly in a traumatic storm. For a season, our fraidy holes provided the protection our hearts needed.

But we can’t live in our underground hideaways. I’ve tried. It’s cramped down there. And when people came to visit, I was never at home. I was inaccessible to my guests because I was safely underground. That’s no way to live.

Fraidy holes offer us  limited, temporary cover. If we refuse to come out of hiding, the shelters we’ve depended upon to keep us out of harm’s way will inevitably do us harm. And our persistent hiding will surely cause injury to others. Sooner or later, we have to come out.

Here’s the good news. Jesus put Himself in the path of the Ultimate Storm so that we might be protected. He tells us it’s safe to come out now. And He offers Himself as the only shelter we’ll ever need.

Is it time for you to come out of hiding?


6 thoughts on “The Fraidy Hole

  1. I don’t know where to start. The artwork for today’s blog is perfect. I keep scrolling back up to look at it, wondering, “How did he get the perspective so right?!” And then there’s the spiritual perspective of the blog itself … spot on, Dave!
    I am well acquainted with the so-called “advantages” of a fraidy hole. I could get around mine quite well, thank you very much.
    I don’t dwell there anymore. At first, stepping into the sunshine was a bit blinding. I was tempted to go back underground … but, as I’ve said before, I prefer “the wide open space of (God’s) grace.”
    And you certainly don’t find that in a fraidy hole, do you?

    • Thanks for your compliments on the artwork. I had to fiddle with it. As for the “fraidy hole” I wasn’t even aware that I was a storm cellar-dweller when I was down there for so long. There was nothing wide open about it, and adjusting to the light took me a while.But I am glad we are both living in the wide open spaces now, Beth. That’s where we belong 🙂

  2. Once again, your post is spot on with me! This has been a huge area of my life where God has been revealing Himself. Looking back, the “fraidy hole” seemed more like a permanent residence for so many years of my life. The result of many storms, the fraidy hole was a safe source of comfort. My belief for a long time was that it was safe because no one else could squeeze in with me. While it was a few storms (in my life) that initially caused me to bunker down in my hole, it was a growing fear of storms suddenly blowing through, that kept me from ever peeking out the door. In reality, what I believed to be a space big enough for only one, I began to realized was also big enough for the enemy. My fraidy hole, while seemingly keeping me safe, was really feeding into my constant fear. A fear that the enemy wants us all to believe. However, we know through scripture, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7 Thankfully, I gained the courage to one day open up the door to God’s grace. What was no simple opening, turned into an amazing awakening! When we allow ourselves to place our faith in God’s promise’s, we really do come to know the shelter and protection of His Son, Jesus. The storms that once chased me into the fraidy hole, I now face under the cover of my ultimate umbrella.

    Thank you Dave for this wonderful perspective. Blessings to you!

    • Wow, David, thank you for sharing the insights you’ve gained from your own experience! You are so right. The enemy loves it when we are isolated and in confined spaces so that he can feed us lies and fear. I am so glad to hear about your awakening and about your move from your own make-shift shelter to the Ultimate Shelter in the person of Christ. Great insights!

  3. Wow, Dave. Great thoughts here. The thought that came to mind for me was, Do I trust what I know or the One who knows me? Who I trust will determine where I run in life’s storms. Loved your post.

    • Thank you, Jeanne, for emphasizing the clear choice we always have before us. to place our confidence in our own speculations and calculations based on available information or to place our trust in the person of God–the God who knows us and loves us. so much for another valuable contribution to the discussion!

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