HUMMINGBIRD2In the movie, Limitless, the protagonist, Eddie Morra, is a writer with self-sabotaging tendencies. After receiving a book contract, he suffers writer’s block and finds himself unable to generate a single word of his novel. Wandering the streets in a funk, Eddie encounters an old acquaintance who introduces him to a neural stimulant that is purported to give the user full access to 100% of his potential brain power.

After popping the pill, Eddie is launched from his depressed malaise into the exhilarating experience of operating at full mental capacity.  With his brain crackling with new activity, he enjoys astoundingly increased productivity, clear-headed decisiveness, and a compelling drive to move forward.

Suddenly, the possibilities seem limitless.

There is something compelling to me about the story of a sleepwalker who is suddenly fully awake and fully engaged with life.That story stirred within me a spiritual desire to enter into limitlessness.

I am not talking about maximizing any of my capacities, but embracing God’s infinite Being and living from His inexhaustible resources.

By sending His Spirit, Jesus has given us full access to His limitlessness. In the context of intimate spiritual relationship, He offers us heavenly wisdom, divine revelation and supernatural power. His Spirit continually invites us to see what He sees and to participate in what He’s doing.

Like Eddie, I’m a sleepwalker. I tend to shuffle through life unaware of what’s really going on around me. But the Spirit invites us to see and hear and function and operate on a completely different level. He offers us a view to an unseen world so that we might recognize opportunities to act in cooperation with Him.

That’s real living. Jesus calls it abundant life. I call it enjoying His limitlessness.

And I don’t know much about it.

That’s because we don’t access His limitlessness by taking a pill, but by being still. And that isn’t easy. The exterior world is loud all around us, and our interior worlds are noisy within us. We have to learn to quiet our spirits so we can hear what He is whispering to us.This is something I’m just beginning to learn how to do.

I am writing this today because lately it seems I’ve been confined and contained by limits. I’ve been bumping into walls and hitting my head on ceilings. Without realizing it, I’ve been ratcheting back my expectations as to what’s even possible. My hopes have been getting smaller and my expectations lower.

Then I thought, “Wait a minute. There’s something I’m not seeing. There’s Someone I’m not seeing in all of this.”

I think I’ve just been invited to enjoy His limitlessness.