Reflections on Mirrors

MIRRORSI’ve been thinking about mirrors lately, and I just wanted to share some of my reflections.

We were all created to be God’s image-bearers. We were made to be living mirrors standing before God, reflecting His heart back to Him and mirroring His character to each other.

But with the Fall came the sound of shattered glass. All creation witnessed the cracking, warping, and clouding of God’s image reflectors. We no longer beheld God. And without the knowledge of God, we were no longer able to see each other or recognize ourselves.

The great news is–through His work of redemption–God is in the process of restoring His living mirrors.

I’m in the middle of His refurbishing process. I’m still cracked and warped. Ask anybody. But, little by little, God is repairing the mirror of my soul and renewing His own image in me. In fact, He’s assembled a restoration crew to help tackle the job. By His design, mirror restoration is a community project.

Here’s the tricky part. Our restoration crew is made up of warped, cracked and broken image reflectors. We’re all broken mirrors helping to mend other broken mirrors. Because each of is a semi-restored looking glass, no one among us is able to see God, others or ourselves perfectly.

Here’s some good news:

  • We all have brokenness in common, yet we are broken in different ways, so together we can help one another see clearly.
  • Some of us are further along in the restoration process than others. And those of us who’ve experienced mending ourselves are privileged to help others in their mending process.
  • The Image-Restorer Himself operates in and through the spiritual community He inhabits. Ultimately, we are in His capable hands.

Here’s a word of caution. Not all would-be restoration crews are fit for the task. It’s possible for our own restoration to be inhibited by a community of broken mirrors who collectively reflect distorted images of God and inaccurate images of ourselves. Such a community can be a confusing hall of mirrors–a not-so-fun-house–in which we can easily get lost.

God calls us to participate with Him in the selection of our restoration crew. As we cooperate with God, He will lead us into the kind of healing community that reflects a true image of God and provides a revealing look at ourselves. We will be able to see in their community reflection an image of who we really are in our semi-restored state.

In a healthy community of living mirrors, we’ll see not only the fine and the flawed parts of ourselves. but we will see a glorious vision of who we are becoming as we behold the face of the Image-Restorer Himself.

Who are your mirrors? What are they reflecting back to you?

3 thoughts on “Reflections on Mirrors

  1. Love your thoughts on mirrors, Dave. I hadn’t thought about us reflecting God’s heart back to Him. What a great picture. I have some friends who are great mirrors for me. They reflect encouragement and truth back to me, which is good, especially when my own reflection is a bit cloudy. Thanks for sharing these thoughts today!

    • Thank you for your comments, Jeanne. It sounds like you have some good reflectors in your life! 🙂 And I know what you mean about our own reflections being cloudy at times. You make a good point to say that the living mirrors in our lives are especially helpful to us in those times.

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