God Speaks My Language!


“For impactful communication, words are good, pictures are better, but cartoons are best. Cartooning is a language I speak fluently.”

This drawing and this quote had nothing to do with each other–until God brought them together during a deeply moving experience of His Presence that I will never forget.

The quote is my answer to a question on a recent job application, a question about what makes me “unique.” The picture is a logo I created for a vending business I operated a few years ago. I sold a few hundred hotdogs, lost a few thousand dollars, but came away with a nice banner and some cool T-shirts.

While working through the “tell us who you are” section of this job application, I began to see some things about my core identity with more clarity. At heart, I am a shepherd-protector-encourager.

But I also had to identify something that makes me “unique.” When I was a kid, I watched my Dad draw cartoons, and I was fascinated. I learned the “language,” and delighted to speak it. So, when the prospective employer encouraged me to be creative about my uniqueness by adding, “try to catch our eye,” I answered that I can speak with impact through the language of cartooning.

I thought I was pretty clever.

What happened next astonished me. In the early hours of the following morning, while I was lying in bed,  I experienced a most intimate sense of the Presence of God. His nearness was unmistakable. It was as if the Spirit of God was whispering in my ear when I “heard” Him say, “You speak cartoon? So do I.”  Immediately the Fire-Dog image came to my mind. “That’s you. You saw danger. You wanted to protect.”  I knew what this was all about. And I started to weep.

I will not share everything with you about this encounter. It’s too sacred, too deeply personal. But what I want to convey is that God clearly communicated something to me in a completely unexpected way. When God spoke to me through an image of a cartoon dog dressed as a Firefighter, He affirmed something about me, something about my heart. I am a protector.

I was utterly shocked that God would speak to me this way. But why?

It should not surprise me that a Father knows His son and knows the language of His son’s heart. I know my own children that way. I know their love languages. Why should I be surprised that God would speak my language?

Over the years I’ve become persuaded that God speaks to me a lot more than I listen to Him. But I am learning to be quiet, so that I can hear what He is saying. And I am learning to watch expectantly for what He might be revealing to me.

I hope that with every day that passes, I become a little less surprised when I hear Him.

How about you? Have you heard God speaking your language?


8 thoughts on “God Speaks My Language!

  1. Thank you for sharing! Learning to “Be Still”…always a work in progress! It amazes me when I am disciplined enough to do so, how I find myself often surprised by God’s encounter’s with me. Like you. I hope to become less surprised as the days pass.

  2. Uncle Dave,
    Thank you for being so transparent! I appreciate it and it challenges me to do the same in my day-to-day interactions with others.
    This blog really challenged me and made me stop. I have to sit and think of the ways that God speaks my language. I know He does, but I often, don’t take the time to see when and how. Thanks for the challenge! 🙂

  3. Yes, God speaks my language … because He is the Word … and he used words to create the world (speaking it into the existence) …
    And I am a writer, who loves words, uses words on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis.
    A friend, visiting my home for the first time, said, “Wow. You have a lot of words on your walls.”
    No surprise there.
    I like to hang pictures & quotes that have meaning to me — often they are some nugget of truth that I need to be reminded of. So I hang ’em up around my house so I can see them as I go about my day.

    • Thank you for sharing some of your words with me. You are so good with words that I have nothing to add–except that I’ve always had an image in my mind of a room in my house with words and quotes painted on all the walls, floor to ceiling. You just reminded me of that.

  4. “Over the years I’ve become persuaded that God speaks to me a lot more than I listen to Him.” What a significant reminder since just yesterday I said to my husband, “God’s been really quiet lately. I could use some guidance on this one.” In light of your quote, maybe God’s not the one who’s absent …

    I love hearing even a little about your sacred moment. I had one several years ago and I’m like you, careful about sharing it because there really aren’t words for it.

    Thanks for an encouraging post … encouraging me to spend my weekend listening.

    • Thank you so much for sharing from your own experience. I am happy this post was an encouragement to you. I like how you are going to spend your weekend. With that last word you are the one giving me a timely reminder to quiet myself down and listen. Thanks!

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