Swimming with the Jellies


I once bravely fought off a whole gang of jellyfish. That’s the way I remember it. But my kids recall it differently. They say that, after I was stung by a single jellyfish, I shrieked like a school girl and bolted out of the water.

Regardless of the details of this account, I’ve become convinced that this episode was more than a case of a sea creature reaching out for me with a stinging appendage. I think God was reaching out to me with a message: “Remember the jellyfish.”

Sure enough, years later I had another encounter with a jellyfish—a metaphorical jellyfish employed by Veggie Tales creator, Phil Vischer. Phil says that jellyfish are beautiful in the water as they are carried along by the currents. With that image in mind, Phil says his own beauty comes from being carried along by the current of God’s will. That insight is where Phil’s web project, Jellytelly, gets its name.

That message has stuck with me. It’s a beautiful picture of a way of life in which we not only acknowledge we are not in control, but we rest in the knowledge we are not in control. We desire to be in the flow of God’s grace, and in the current of His will, so that we can join Him in the work He is already doing.

I’ve tried for several years to formulate my plans for the future.  I’ve asked God to help me carry out my plans.  And I’ve watched all my plans come to nothing.  But that matters less and less to me as I realize more and more that God is revealing His own plan for me as the moments of my life unfold. He’s continually inviting me to into enter into the current.

And I like it that way—the jellyfish way.

Are you riding the current?

2 thoughts on “Swimming with the Jellies

  1. Uncle Dave,
    I just heard your jellyfish story last week! It’s awesome that you are now using it for reminding us of truth! Thank you!
    For so long, I rode what I thought was the current. I “knew” where God wanted me and what I was going to do with my life. So I was “making” it happen. Until I was broadsided with the reality that I hadn’t been listening and was headed down a different current than what He wanted for me. It took me a while to get into the right path, but I did.
    Sometimes I look back and wonder what would have happened if I had just continued in the current I was in. Where would I be now? I might not have ever met my husband or so many other people. I would have missed a LOT of opportunities that have shaped who I am today.
    All that to say, It’s fun to look back and see where I was and where God has brought me now! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing truth so honestly and for reminding me that I’m not alone in this!

    • Wow, KB, thank you for sharing your story. You made me realize that even with the best of intentions we can find ourselves moving along in the wrong current. You have also made me realize what a gift God gave me in disrupting my life and interrupting my course. Thank you for your insights! I know I’ll be processing your observations for a while:-)

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