Smoky Lies and Smoking Guns


When it comes right down to it, real living is as simple as receiving truth and rejecting lies.

Simple? Yes. Easy? No. It’s amazing how much difficulty we can have doing either one.

We can be resistant to receiving the Spirit’s liberating truth about who we are in Christ, and passively open to accepting the enslaving lies of the enemy. Sometimes we don’t even recognize a lie for what it is, or realize we’ve given our agreement to it.

That’s why we all need keen-eyed, gun-toting sharp-shooters in our company, trusty companions who are adept at identifying lies and neutralizing the threat they present to us.

I have such a friend. I call her Annie Oakley. When she’s around, any smoky lie is sure to meet Annie’s smoking gun. She’ll aim, fire, and hit her target before that hell-born lie even hits the ground.

Once, when I was deeply discouraged, I expressed puzzlement over what was “nullifying the gospel in my life—“

Click-click, BANG!

“What I mean is that—“

Click-click, BANG!



Annie was right on the mark. NOTHING can nullify the gospel. I spoke a lie. So she blasted it back to hell where it came from.

Once I said something harsh and untrue about myself. Annie told me that if I ever said something like that again she’d use me for target practice. I thought to myself, “Yeah, like you need practice.” I didn’t say it out loud. Her gun was pointed right at me.

Annie Oakley won’t abide a lie, because she knows that truth and lies are matters of life and death. And if we are going to help one another walk in truth, every one of us needs a friend—and needs to be a friend—with a loaded gun and an itchy trigger finger.

Who’s got your back?

10 thoughts on “Smoky Lies and Smoking Guns

  1. Favorite saying of mine: “That’s a lie from the pit of hell and smells like smoke.”
    It’s not original with me, but I like it a lot.
    Funny thing though … I can usually detect the smoke of other people’s lies quicker than I can spot the lies I’m listening to. And that’s why I’m so thankful for the “Annie Oakleys” in my life who speak Truth when smoke gets in my eyes.

  2. I love this blog post. I am so grateful for all of the “Annie Oakleys” in my life too. A fake friend will commiserate with you when you’re getting sucked up by the lies. A true friend will tell you to get your head out of the pit and point you to the truth that is found in Christ’s Word. Great insight. Thank you for renewing my appreciating for all of my “truth” friends.

    • You are so right, Sonia. When we are under duress or in deep discouragement, we become vulnerable to the temptation to believe a lie. As you say, a “truth” friend is what we need to rescue us, not someone who will affirm the lies that are so harmful to us.

  3. Thanks for another great analogy and gospel truth that I need to be reminded of daily. Moving through my day I often forget that I am in a battle with the forces of evil and that if I am to live a life worthy of my calling, I better be saturated with the Truth in order to combat the ceaseless lies of the enemy. Thank you God for the gift of my beautiful bride and the handful of other dedicated warrior friends who continue to speak truth into my life!

  4. Found your blog through Beth Vogt and so happy I did. I’m smiling and thinking about my “Annie” … she died a couple of years ago, but her voice of truth lives on.

    It’s hard to replace someone like that (well, actually, it can’t be done), but I need another like her. It’s time to go huntin’ for a gun totin’ Betty. Thanks for the enlightenment.

    Can I subscribe? I don’t see a place to do that, but then I’m not all that WordPress savvy.

    • I’m so glad you dropped in for a visit. Thank you for joining the conversation, and for sharing your moving story about the Annie in your life. I am sorry she is no longer with you, though she abides in your fond memory of her. You’re right. She can never be “replaced,” but I wish you success in your hunt for a “gun totin’ Betty” (I love that). And, yes, you can subscribe. I confess I had to ask somebody else how to do it, because I am just learning my way around this technology. On the right hand side of the screen, under some text that begins “Enter your e-mail address to follow this blog…”, there is a blank field. Type your e-mail address in the blank field, and press ENTER on your keyboard. And thanks for helping me understand how my blog site works 🙂

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