The Kryptonite Source (part 2 of 3)


Early life on Krypton

In my last post (The Kryptonite Effect) I explained how I feel least like myself when interacting with members of my family of origin.  I described “Planet Family” as a closed relational system, resistant to change, in which I am only recognized according to an assigned identity that was formed and fixed on “Krypton.”

But what is the source of the Kryptonite effect?

The Fall.

Sin’s damaging consequences go careening down through generations, and through family communities–injuring, hurting, wounding,–even as the enemy is seizing every opportunity to whisper lying interpretations of painful events.

Midlife is the time when most of us are confronted with symptoms of heart trouble. Our coping mechanisms start to break down. Like engine warning lights on the dashboard, these symptoms alert us that some things are wrong in the deep places of our hearts.  They need to be addressed.

If you’re like me you’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer number of issues that present: “Alright, one at a time, please. Form a line, single file.”

If we seek help from any pastor, counselor, or therapist, they will immediately start poking around our formative history on Planet Family. The sin, the hurt, the wounding, the hiding, the coping—it all started way back there. If we are to heal, we must revisit the pain of our original wounding.

A friend joked that, instead of a college fund for his kids, he started a counseling fund. They’re going to need it. Now that’s funny—in a sad way.

Because of the fall, every family is relationally dysfunctional. And a family’s signature dysfunction is its own “normal” way of relating. We become so accustomed to relating according to the invisible laws of Krypton, it can be hard to see each other through the atmospheric haze.

Know what I mean?

5 thoughts on “The Kryptonite Source (part 2 of 3)

  1. Two blog posts in and I can already tell you the value of your blog, Drawing from Perspective, Dave. The artwork, oh yes! The humor woven through your words — yeah, that too. But it’s how you laser in on the much-needed Truth — that’s gonna keep me coming back.

  2. “Midlife is the time when most of us are confronted with symptoms of heart trouble.” I had to reread that sentence several times,my brain must be on vacation.I kept reading that as “Miller time is when most of us are confronted with symptoms of heart trouble” lol. On a serious note,your posts have had me pondering what planet are we/you on when you are not on Krypton? Is there a power source there,that would enable you to overcome Kryptonite’s effects on us/you? How to maintain and hold onto it while visiting Krypton,and how do we impart those new found things onto our children,with acknowledgement that there is not perfection in any circumstance.Maybe I’m jumping ahead of you and should just wait for part 3 🙂 Good work,Dave.

    • Miller time? That’s funny! I guess Miller time is when most of us try to forget about our heart troubles. Thank you for the nice, roundabout way you asked me what planet I was on! 🙂 In all seriousness, the Krypton analogy has it’s limits. The power and wisdom of God through His Spirit are sufficient to thwart Krypton’s effects. I say power and wisdom because we have to depend upon God’s power at work within us while we’re in Krypton’s atmosphere, but we also need to discern the Spirit’s counsel as to how much voluntary exposure we should submit ourselves to. No two situations are exactly the same, so it always take ongoing discernment. As for our kids, if they see us growing in grace, transforming in our character and maturing in our love for them, they won’t have the experience that Krypton is fixed and stagnant in it’s dysfunction. I hope that makes some sense. Thanks for helping me work through these things.

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